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Core Course Assessment Plan

Assessment of Linguistics 101 / Anthropology 110

The Linguistics Department teaches one course (Linguistics 101 / Anthropology 110) that forms part of Area 4: Social and Behavioral Sciences, in UNM’s Core Curriculum.

The Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) for this course are:

1. Students will examine their attitudes about language, including why they have positive or negative associations with specific accents, dialects, vocabulary, registers, and languages. Students will distinguish scientific observations about language from social judgments about language.

Addresses UNM/HED Area IV, Competencies 1, 2, 3 & 4, Area VI, Competency 3.

2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the structural diversity and structural similarities of the world’s 5000+ spoken and signed languages by (1 or more of the following):

  • Drawing parallels or distinguishing between phonological segments in different languages
  • Analyzing morphology in typologically distinct languages
  • Analyzing syntax in typologically distinct languages
  • Identifying common functions of diverse morpho-syntactic elements

Addresses UNM/HED Area IV, Competencies 1, 3 & 4, Area VI, Competency 3.

3. Students will identify linguistic units drawn from different levels of analysis (phonemes, morphemes, words, utterances & discourse) by applying the analytic tools of linguistics to datasets drawn from different languages.

Addresses UNM/HED Area III, Competency 2, Area IV, Competencies 1 & 3.

4. Students will describe the social, psychological, geographic and historical influences that lead to language dominance or language endangerment, and that influence the spread of languages across multilingual communities.

Addresses UNM/HED Area IV, Competencies 1, 2, 3 & 4, Area VI, Competency 3.

Each fall semester, student learning related to these four objectives is assessed via a pretest/ post-test assessment tool.