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Getting around Albuquerque

You won't need a compass to get around Albuquerque. If you get lost, just remember that the Sandia Mountains are always to the east!

The public transportation system of the city of Albuquerque is reliable but it is important to check schedules as some buses do not run very often.

Regular fares are $1 (or 35 cents aged 62+) one-way. Please use exact amounts as bus drivers do not provide change; both coins and dollar bills are accepted. Day passes are available for purchase on all buses for $2.

Many visitors to Albuquerque choose to rent a car from one of the many rental companies located at the airport (a free shuttle bus will take you to the car rental lots). It is cheaper to book a car prior to arrival.

Conference venue

ALT 2018 will be held at the Student Union Building (SUB), which is located somewhat near the center of UNM's Main Campus.

  • From Central Avenue: walk straight ahead through the University's entrance at Cornell Drive. See a detailed map here.
  • From the intersection of Lomas and Yale: walk south on campus towards the Duck Pond (a large green space). The SUB is on your left once you pass the pond, at the SE corner of the Plaza. See a detailed map here.
  • From Casas del Rio see a detailed map here.

Transportation options in and around the city

Public transportation

A bus ride between the Hotel Albuquerque area and UNM should take no more than 30 minutes. The relevant bus stops are a short walk away. Walk south on Rio Grande Boulevard NW towards Central Avenue. 

To UNM: bus stops are located at Central and San Pasquale (towards Downtown).

From UNM: bus stops located at Central and Rio Grande Blvd NW (towards the Rio Grande) 

Click here for a map of relevant bus stop locations in Old Town. 

Rapid Ride

  • the Red Line (no 766) runs mostly on Central Ave. Take it east to campus and get off at the University of New Mexico. 
  • the Blue Line (no 790) runs on Lomas Blvd when eastbound and on Central Ave when westbound. Take it east to campus and get off at the University of New Mexico. This bus loops around campus. 
  • Keep in mind that the Rapid Ride is an express bus service with specially designated stations one mile (1.6km) apart from each other. 

City bus 

  • Route 66 runs on Central Avenue and is the line that runs most often.
  • Route 36 runs on Rio Grande Blvd and is an option for going to the Downtown area from Hotel Albuquerque. To go back to the hotel it is best to take the 66 or the 766 routes.

Taxi and ridesharing options 

Taxis are relatively easy to find in the Downtown area but somewhat rarer elsewhere in the city. It is a good idea to call and reserve a cab 30 min in advance.

Peer-to-peer ridesharing service Über is available in Albuquerque.


The fastest way to get to campus from Hotel Albuquerque is to drive east on Lomas Blvd. Drivers should turn right at the intersection of Lomas and Yale Blvd to access the Main Campus. The Yale Parking Structure is on the left. 

  • Click here for a map with directions from Hotel Albuquerque to campus via Lomas Blvd. 

Alternatively, drivers can take Central Avenue eastwards to campus. At the intersection of Central and Stanford Drive, turn left onto campus. Once on campus, the Cornell Parking Structure is located straight ahead. Look for the toll booths to access it. 

  • Click here for a map with directions from Hotel Albuquerque to campus via Central Ave. 

Both the Yale and Cornell Parking Structures are paid parking options ($1.75 per hour or $8:00 per day). Please note that parking elsewhere on or near the UNM campus can be problematic.


Many streets have a bike lane or are widened for bikes and there are a number of bike trails as well. Check the Albuquerque Trail Map for more information. 


There are many distinct areas in Albuquerque, including UNM/Nobhill, Downtown, Old Town that are friendly for pedestrians. 

While it is not easy to walk from one district to another, once you are in any of these regions, walking is the easiest way to go but beware of the sun and the summer heat! Temperatures can easily reach 100F (40C) during summer months so hats and plenty of water are highly recommended if you intend to walk places.