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Oral Presentations

Plenary Talks

Greenberg Award Winner: Janic, Katarzyna (Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage, Lyon): The antipassive in accusative languages

Panini Award Winner: Linda Konnerth (University of Oregon, Eugene): SAP object indexation and the absence of rigid morphosyntax: Areal and geographical typological features of Karbi grammar

Oral Presentations

Akter, Zahid (University of Oregon): Verbal stem alternations in Kuki-Chin languages

Antonov, Anton (INALCO-CRLAO-EHESS, Paris): The obviative as a differential object marker in Michif

Argus, Reili and Tamm, Anne (Tallinn University and Johns Hopkins University): Evidentiality and epistemic modality combine in the Estonian morpheme -vat but are separate categories in acquisition

Basso, Ellen B. (University of Arizona): Nominal clause-chaining in lowland South American languages

Bergqvist, Henrik and Kittilä, Seppo (University of Stockholm and University of Helsinki): Non-selected arguments as epistemic marking

Brown, Lea (University at Buffalo): Nias, A language with a marked absolutive

Cáceres Arandia, Natalia (Laboratoire DDL- CNRS, Lyon): Constructing Cariban property concepts through ADVERBs

Davis, Stuart and Topintzi, Nina (Indiana University and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki): The weight typology of edge geminates

DeLancey, Scott (University of Oregon): Sociopragmatic motivation and the notion of "hierarchy"

Diessel, Holger (University of Jena): Relativization and nominalization

Duncan, Philip (University of Kansas): Haspelmath's (1997) semantic map for indefinite pronouns: The view from Me´phaa

Easterday, Shelece and Napoleão de Souza, Ricardo (University of New Mexico):Is there evidence for a hierarchy in the synchronic patterning of syllable onsets? 

Easterday, Shelece (University of New Mexico):Phonological correlates of highly complex syllable structure 

Epps, Patience (University of Texas at Austin): Exploring the relationship between linguistic diversity and language contact: An Amazonian perspective 

Erschler, David (University of Massachussetts, Amherst): A universal on generalized sluicing 

Estrada Fernández, Zarina and Garcia Salido, Gabriela (Universidad de Sonora): Typological tendencies of the standard marker in comparative constructions: A sample from Uto-Aztecan languages spoken in Northwestern Mexico 

García, Hugo (University of New Mexico): The linguistic representation of surprise and its cognitive correlates 

Gast, Volker and Deringer, Lisa and Haas, Florian and Rudolf, Olga and van der Auwera, Johan (Friedrich Schiller University Jena and University of Antwerp): Impersonals in cross-linguistic perspective: Converging evidence from typology and corpora 

Gast, Volker (Friedrich Schiller University Jena): Advanced tongue root harmony in Sibidiri Idi, a language of Southern Papua New Guinea? 

Georgakopoulos, Thanasis and Karatsareas, Petros (Freie Universität Berlin and University of the West of England, Bristol and Open University of Cyprus): Overt and zero marking of spatial relations in Cappadocian Greek: Synchrony, diachrony, typology 

Gil, David and McKinnon, Timothy (MPI-EVA Leipzig and University of Delaware): Phrasal-phonological alternations in Malayic languages 

Grossman, Eitan (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): NP Incorporation in Coptic? A cross-linguistic rarity and its implications

Hoffmann, Dorothea (University of Chicago): Complex predicates in Northern Australia: Nexus and serialization

Jian, Wang and Chappell, Hilary (Shanghai Jiao Tong University and CRLAO-EHESS, Paris): How to ask for WHO without who: A typological study of interrogative words for PERSON in Sinitic languages 

Kalinowski, Cristin (University at Buffalo): A typology of focus encoding in African languages 

Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Maria and Miestamo, Matti (Stockholm University and Helsinki University): Antonyms and derivational negation: A pilot study of cross-linguistic variation 

Kyuseva, Maria (HSE, Moscow): Lexical typology of adjectives: Contribution of Russian Sign Language 

Louagie, Dana and Verstraete, Jean-Christophe (University of Leuven): Noun phrase structure in Australian languages: A typological study 

Nam, Seungho (Seoul National University): Semantics in linking of locative arguments 

Occhino-Kehoe, Corrine and Sutton, Logan and Begay, Jalon (University of New Mexico and Indiana University): ASL classifier predicates in typological perspective 

Palmer, Bill and Gaby, Alice and Lum, Jonathon and Schlossberg, Jonathan (University of Newcastle, Australia): Typologizing linguistic expressions of spatial Frame of Reference 

Palmer, Bill (University of Newcastle, Australia): Marked-absolutive? Case, topic and clefts in Mono-Alu 

Paykin, Katia and Van Peteghem, Marleen (Université de Lille3 and Ghent University): Experiencer arguments in European languages: Construction patterns and case frames of physiological predicates 

Payne, Doris and Vidal, Alejandra (University of Oregon and Universidad Nacional de Formosa-CONICET): Nonverbal locative, existential and possessive predication in Pilagá and Nivacle 

Riesberg, Sonja (Universität zu Köln): Optional ergatives are topics: Evidence from Yali 

Rolle, Nicholas (University of California, Berkeley): An areal typology of nasal vowels in West Africa 

Ross, Daniel (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): Pseudocoordination as a cross-linguistic strategy for verb serialization

Sagna, Serge (University of Surrey): Overt verb classification in the Gújjolaay Eegimaa noun class system (Atlantic, Niger-Congo) 

Sarvasy, Hannah (UCLA): Beads off the string: Non-canonical clause chains in Papuan languages 

Say, Sergey Institute for linguistic studies, (Russian Academy of Sciences): Causatives in clause-combining: A typological sketch 

Schaefer, Ronald and Egbokhare, Francis (SIU Edwardsville and University of Ibadan): Emai aspect expressing serial verbs 

Sylak-Glassman, John, Kirov, Christo and Yarowsky, David and Que, Roger (Johns Hopkins University): Typology enriching NLP: A universal feature schema for inflectional morphology 

Tamm, Anne, and Fitneva, Stanka and Giardini, Francesca (Johns Hopkins University and Queens University and ISTC-CNR, Rome): Indirect evidentials: A tool for managing competition across languages 

Tamura, Yuki-Shige (Osaka University: A functional account of the development of nominalized verbal forms to finite forms: A special focus on the similarity observed between Eskimo languages and Japanese 

Veselinova, Ljuba (Stockholm University): 'Not yet' expressions in the languages of the world: Special negative adverbs or a separate gram type? (Download questionnaire) 

Weber, Tobias (University of Regensburg and University of Zurich): Differential A Marking in diachronic typological perspective: Emerging complexity as a by-product 

Wiltschko, Martina and Thoma, Sonja and Osa Gómez Del Campo, Adriana and Keupdjio, Hermann and Lam, Zoe Wai-Man and Heim, Johannes (University of British Columbia): Towards a typology for the grammar of discourse: A case-study of confirmationals 

Yoshino, Hiroshi (University of Tsukuba): On the syntactic nature of the consecutive construction in 'Alle