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PhD Alumni

Christopher Adam

Year of graduation: 2015

Dissertation advisors: Three-Dimensional Constraints on Human Cognition as Expressed in Human Language

Dissertation advisor: Bill Croft

Benjamin Anible

Year of graduation: 2016

Dissertation Title: Iconicity effects in translation direction: bimodal bilingual language processing

Dissertation advisor: Jill Morford

Evan Ashworth

Year of graduation: 2014

Dissertation Title: Language Ideologies and Orthographies: Developing a Writing System for Than Ówîngeh

Dissertation advisor: Melissa Axelrod

Clay Beckner

Year of graduation: 2013

Dissertation Title: Quantitative determinants of prefabs: A corpus-based, experimental study of multiword units in the lexicon

Dissertation advisor: Jill Morford

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Paul De Palma

Year of graduation: 2010 (PhD., emphasis in computational linguistics)

Dissertation Title: Syllables and Concepts in Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition

Dissertation advisors: Caroline Smith (Linguistics) and George Luger (Computer Science)

Shelece Easterday

Year of graduation: 2017

Dissertation Title: Highly complex syllable structure: A typological study of its correlates and diachronic development

Dissertation advisor: Caroline Smith

Paul Edmunds

Year of graduation: 2009

Dissertation Title:  ESL speakers’ production of lexical stress in English: Effects of acoustic correlates on perceived intelligibility and nativeness

Dissertation advisor: Caroline Smith

Aubrey Healey

Year of graduation: 2017

Dissertation Title: Evolution of complex predicates with cuenta  expressing semantic events of cognition in Spanish

Dissertation advisors: Damián Vergara Wilson

Terry Janzen

Year of graduation:1998

Dissertation Title: Topicality in ASL: Information Ordering, Constituent Structure, and the Function of Topic Marking

Dissertation advisors: Joan Bybee

Ah Rim Kim

Year of graduation: 2015

Dissertation Title: The pragmatics and evolution of the utterance-final particles-ketun and-canha in Modern Spoken Koren

Dissertation advisor: Bill Croft

Michele Kiser

Year of graduation: 2014

Dissertation Title: Analyzing Navajo Discourse: Form and Function of Intonation Units

Dissertation advisor: Paul Platero

You Min Lin

Year of graduation: 2016

Dissertation Title: Chines DE constructions in secondary predication: Historical and typological perspectives

Dissertation advisors: Bill Croft

Amy Lindstrom

Year of graduation: 2017

Dissertation Title

Didn’t see that coming: An analysis of unexpressed subjects in English discourse

Dissertation advisor: Naomi Shin

Elisa Maroney

Year of graduation: 2004

Dissertation Title: Aspect in American Sign Language

Dissertation advisor: Phyllis Wilcox

Alfred Jana Matiki

Year of graduation: 2001

Dissertation Title: Language planning and social change: A study of linguistic exclusion and the legislative process in Malawi

Dissertation advisor: Garland Bills

Corrine Occhino

Year of graduation: 2016 

Dissertation Title: A Cognitive Approach to Phonology: Evidence from Signed Languages

Dissertation advisor: Sherman Wilcox

Daniel Sanford

Year of graduation: 2009

Dissertation Title: Figuration and Frequency: a usage-based account of metaphor

Dissertation advisor: Catherine Travis

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Joanne Scheibman

Year of graduation: 2000

Dissertation Title: Structural patterns of subjectivity in American English conversation

Dissertation advisor: Joan Bybee

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Christopher Shank

Year of graduation: 2007

Dissertation Title: The Relationship Between Metaphorical Language Use and Transitivity: A Cognitive Linguistic Case Study of the English Verbs of Tactile Perception

Dissertation advisor: Melissa Axelrod

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Benjamin Sienicki

Year of graduation: 2014

Dissertation Title: “Hey, you guys!”: A diachronic usage-based approach to changes in American English address

Dissertation advisor: Melissa Axelrod

K. Aaron Smith

Year of graduation: 2003

Dissertation Title: The Dilemma of the English Progressive: Evaluating its Historical Sources in a Universal Context

Dissertation advisor: Joan Bybee

Natalya P. Stukova

Year of graduation: 2011

Dissertation Title: The Role of Formulaic Language in the Construction of Grammar

Dissertation advisor: Melissa Axelrod

Logan Sutton

Year of graduation: 2014

Dissertation Title: Kiowa-Tanoan: A Synchronic and Diachronic Study

Dissertation advisor: Melissa Axelrod

Jason Timm

Year of graduation: 2016

Dissertation Title: Lexical variation, lexical innovation, and speaker motivations: a historical psycholinguistic approach

Dissertation advisor: Bill Croft

Victor A. Valdivia Ruiz

Year of graduation: 2016

Dissertation Title: Verbs of Speech and Cognition: Structural Patterns in New Mexico Spanish 

Dissertation advisor: Melissa Axelrod

Erin Wilkinson

Year of graduation: 2009

Dissertation Title: Typology of signed languages: Differentiation through kinship terminology

Dissertation advisor: Bill Croft

Personal Website

Jay S. Williams

Year of graduation: 2009 

Dissertation Title: An Intermediate Grammar of Navajo: A Guide for Bilingual Educators

Dissertation advisor: Melissa Axelrod

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