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Dawn Nordquist
Visiting Lecturer III

Dawn has been an instructor at the University of New Mexico since 2006 and joined the Department of Linguistics full-time in 2015.  She enjoys teaching introductory courses that engage students with the discipline and that support the mission of the department.  Her research investigates frequent usage patterns that impact structure, with a particular interest in semantic prosody and collocations.  She is currently examining narrative structure and developing curricula around the use of narrative in the classroom.

Educational History:

• 1994, B.A. French, California State University, Sonoma

• 1997, M.A. Linguistics, University of New Mexico

• 2006, Ph.D., Linguistics, University of New Mexico


  • Linguistics 101 Course Supervisor
  • Departmental assesment Coordinator
  • Undergratate Schwa Linguistics Society Advisor
  • College Assessment Review Commitee Member
  • Faculty Mentor to Shelby Zubia, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow
  • Accepted to Online Course Advisory Council TA Master Course Best Practice Certification Initiative (core LING 101 online improvement; supported graduate student, Keiko Beers; Spring 2017)
  • Awarded College Assessment Review Committee Learning Imporvement Grant (core LING 101 assessment tool improvement; supported graduate student Motomi Kajitani; Spring 2017
  • UNM Center for Teaching & Learning Teaching Fellow (2016-17); supported undergraduate students, Tori Gibson and Lyndsey Holland (Peer Learning Facilitators)
  • Humanitites Working Group Initiative (proposal: Stories of Migration: Conceptions of Home and PLace; submitted to NEH on 6/16/2017)
  • NEH Next Generation Advisory Committee (proposal to be submitted October 2017)
  • Member of Bill Croft's Teaching Allocation Grant (AY 2016-2017) to improve LING 322 instruction and to align 322 with 301 and 412 (title: Towards an Online Version fo Grammatical Analysis)
  • Center for Teaching & Learning Teaching Allocation Grant to incorporate narrative pedagogy into LING 301 curriculum (title: Storytelling in the Classroom: Engaging Students through Narrative; 2015-16)
  • Awarded College of Arts & Sciences' Undergraduate Student Research Initiative (supported undergraduate student Mark Galik; Spring 2016)

Relevant Publications/Conferences Presentations:

Smith, Aaron K. and Dawn Nordquist. (forthcoming). Functionalist and usage-based approaches
        to the study of language: In honor of Joan L. Bybee. John Benjamins.

Nordquist, Dawn. (forthcoming). Look up about: Usage-based processes in lexicalization. In
       Smith and Nordquist, (Eds.) Functionalist and usage-based approaches to the study of

       language: In honor of Joan L. Bybee. John Benjamins.

Nordquist, Dawn. (2017, April 12). Narrative Structures in Wine Back Labels. Paper presented

       at Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National. Conference. San Diego, CA.

Nordquist, Dawn. 2016.  “Look up about”: Online linguistic innovation.  Paper presented at
        Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference.  Seattle, WA.

Smith, Aaron K. and Dawn Nordquist. 2012. A critical and historical investigation into semantic prosody. 
        Journal of Historical Pragmatics, 13(2), 291-312.

Nordquist, Dawn. 2009. Investigating elicited data from a usage-based perspective. Corpus Linguistics
        and Linguistic Theory, 5(1), 105-130.

Representative Courses:

 • LING 101 Introduction to the Study of Language (paired with English 120
    in Freshman Learning Community program)
 • LING 301 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis
 • LING 322/522  Grammatical Analysis

Peer Learning Facilitators:

To learn more about Dawn's use of Peer Learning Facilitators in her LING 301 classroom, click here.