Paul Twitchell
Lecturer III

Paul Twitchell teaches undergraduate courses in the Signed Language Interpreting Program. His primary research areas are signed language acquisition among first and second language learners, and signed language linguistics.

Educational History

B.A. Linguistics; M.A. Linguistics; Ph.D. Candidate Educational Linguistics

Selected Publications

  • Twitchell, P., Shin, N., Shaffer, B., Wilkinson, E., & Morford, J. P. (2022) Exophoric demonstratives in ASL. Paper presented at Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research 14, Osaka, Japan.
  • Wilkinson, E., Twitchell, P., Player, D., & Morford, J. P. (2021). Multimodal Multilingualism: A study of demonstrative use by ASL-English bilinguals. Poster presented virtually at the Bilingualism Matters Research Symposium 2021, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Twitchell, P. (2020). L2 Signers Negation Transfer. Paper presented at the 14th High Desert Linguistics Society Conference, Albuquerque, NM, November 2020.
  • Morford, J. P., Shaffer, B., Shin, N., Twitchell, P., & Petersen, B. T. (2019). An exploratory study of ASL demonstratives.
  • Languages, Special Issue: HDLS 13: Challenges to Common Beliefs in Linguistic Research, 4(4), 80. doi:10.3390/languages4040080
  • Twitchell, P., Morford, J. P., & Hauser, P. C. (2015). Effects of SES on literacy development of deaf signing bilinguals. American annals of the deaf, 159(5), 433-446.
  • Anible, B., Twitchell, P., Waters, G. S., Dussias, P. E., Piñar, P., & Morford, J. P. (2015). Sensitivity to Verb Bias in American Sign Language–English Bilinguals. Journal of deaf studies and deaf education, env007.
  • Andriola, D., Cochran, C., & Twitchell, P. Ready...Science, Education & Translation (S.E.T.) ...Go! Workshop presented at the Eighth Annual inter-Science of Learning Centers (iSLC) Conference, San Diego, CA, May/June 2015.
  • Jaquez, T., Anible, B., Occhino-Kehoe, C., Twitchell, P. & Morford, J. P. (2014). Cross-language activation during sentence comprehension in deaf bilinguals. Poster presented at the Seventh Annual inter-Science of Learning Centers (iSLC) Conference, Pittsburgh, PA..
  • Occhino-Kehoe, C., Morford, J. P., Twitchell, P., Piñar, P., Kroll, J. F., & Wilkinson, E. (2013). The time course of bilingual lexical access in deaf ASL-English bilinguals. Paper presented at Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research 11, London, England.


Member of American Sign Language Teacher Association

Representative Courses

  • SIGN 2125  Introduction to Signed Language
  • SIGN 2210  American Sign Language I
  • SIGN 2220  American Sign Language II
  • SIGN 310    American Sign Language III