Information for Visiting Scholars

Thank you for your interest in becoming a visiting scholar in the UNM Department of Linguistics. We welcome applications from qualified scholars with interests that are compatible with our faculty. Prospective visiting scholars should send an email to the department chair including the following information:

  1. a description of the project they want to work on
  2. which faculty member(s) they want to work with
  3. the approximate dates that they wish to visit
  4. their CV (as an attached PDF file)

All applications from prospective visiting scholars are reviewed and voted on by the entire department faculty, normally at our monthly faculty meeting during the academic year. For international scholars who the department agrees to host, please note that a minimum of two months are required to process immigration paperwork. There is a $200 charge for scholars requiring a visa. For further information, please visit the site of UNM’s Office for International Scholars.

Current Visiting Scholars

Chiara Bonsignori

(Faculty sponsor: Jill Morford)
La Saapienza University of Rome
At UNM Fall 2019

Iksoo Kwon
(Faculty sponsor: William Croft)  Hankuk University of Foreign Studies   

At UNM during 2019

Ah Rim Kim
(Faculty sponsor: William Croft
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
At UNM during 2019

Torill Ringsø
(Faculty sponsor: Erin Wilkinson)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology 
At UNM Fall 2019



Previous Visiting Scholars

Emmanuel Ihechi Asonye
(Faculty sponsor: Sherman Wilcox)
Imo State University
At UNM during 2018-2019
Rocio Anabel Martinez
(Faculty sponsor: Sherman Wilcox)  Universidad de Buenos Aires & Consejo Nacionalde Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas  At UNM during 2017
Yufuko Takashima
(Faculty sponsor: Sherman Wilcox)
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
At UNM during 2017
Elidéa Bernardino
(Faculty sponsor: Sherman Wilcox)
Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais
At UNM during 2015-2016
Teresa Blankmeyer Burke
(Faculty sponsor: Barbara Shaffer)
Gallaudet University
At UNM during 2015-2016
Li Heng
(Faculty sponsor: Sherman Wilcox)
Beihang University, Beijing, China
At UNM during 2014-2015
Donna Erickson(Faculty sponsor: Caroline Smith)
Showa Music University and Sophia University
At UNM during 2013-2014
Alberto Pardal Pardin(Faculty sponsor: Joan Bybee)
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
At UNM during 2013-2014
Carol Moder(Faculty sponsor: Joan Bybee)
Oklahoma State University
At UNM during 2013 - 2014
André Xavier(Faculty sponsor: Sherman Wilcox)
At UNM during 2012-2013
Michele Vincent(Faculty sponsor: Caroline Smith)
The Ohio State University
At UNM during 2012
Maria Del Carmen Cabeza-Pereiro(Faculty sponsor: Sherman Wilcox)
University of Vigo, Spain
At UNM during 2010-2011
Barnali Chaudhary(Faculty sponsor: Sherman Wilcox)
Indian Institute of Technology
At UNM during 2010-2011
Giorgio Lemmolo(Faculty sponsor: Sherman Wilcox)
University of Pavia, Italy
At UNM during 2010-2011
Gulnara Kussainova(Faculty sponsor: Sherman Wilcox)
The Ohio State University
At UNM during 2010
Yue Ming
(Faculty sponsor: Joan Bybee)
Zhejiang University, China
At UNM during 2010-2011
Renqiang Wang
(Faculty sponsor: Joan Bybee)
Sichuan International Studies University, ChinaAt UNM during 2010