Signed Language Interpreting Program Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

The signed language interpreting program also relies on a group of dedicated and highly qualified part-time instructors. Often coming from the ranks of working interpreters, these instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. In addition, graduate students in the department's MA and Ph.D. programs, both deaf and hearing, often receive teaching assistantships and teach courses in the interpreting program.

Our Affiliated Faculty

  • Stephanie Armijo-Anderson
  • Brian Burns
  • Shaundra Dunn
  • Jessica Eubank
  • Barbara Flett
  • Henri Grau
  • Jeni King
  • Jillian Klenck
  • Andy Lim
  • Kristi Love
  • Brian Montoya
  • Orlando Obeso
  • Roger Robb
  • Monica Sower
  • Charlie Wilkinson
  • Margie Zamora