Scholarships and Funds


Robert W. Young Endowed Scholarship

The Robert W. Young Scholarship has supported 33 UNM students studying the linguistics of indigenous languages since it was established in 1997 by Dr Garland and Judy Bills. Robert W. Young, a prominent figure in Navajo linguistics, is known for his tremendous publications which provide in-depth analyses of the Navajo language. In honor of his contribution to Navajo linguistics, scholarships range from $1,000 to $1500.


In collaboration with the Navajo scholar Dr. William Morgan, Young wrote the foundational work, The Navajo Language: A Grammar and Colloquial Dictionary, which is accompanied by a 400-page grammatical overview of the Navajo language. Young, Morgan, and Sally Midgette also produced the Analytical Lexicon of Navajo.


Dr. Young and Dr. Morgan were honored in 1996 in the Navajo Nation Council Chambers for their work on the Navajo language. They were presented Pendleton blankets embroidered with the seal of the Navajo Nation.


The Robert W. Young Endowed Scholarship supports students in the Department of Linguistics who are engaged in the study of Naïve American Linguistics. You can help honor Dr. Young and his pioneering work on the Navajo language by giving to the scholarship fund by clicking here.


William Morgan Sr. Navajo Language Fund


Dr. William Morgan Sr. was a Diné linguist whose work in documenting the Navajo language played a vital role in the development of the Navajo Language Program. Created during the Navajo Language Program’s 50th anniversary to honor Dr. Morgan’s contribution to Navajo linguistics, this fund is used for creating educational materials, organizing conferences and events, and assisting other university activities associated with the Navajo community. You can help honor Dr. Morgan by giving to this fund by clicking here.

Application Deadlines - Scholarship Information
FallJune 25
SpringNovember 25