Minor in Navajo Language and Linguistics

The Navajo Language Program is committed to advancing the study of Navajo language, linguistics, history, and culture. It promotes the use and preservation of the Navajo language through language instruction, linguistic research, and cultural engagement. A minor in Navajo is offered through the Department of Linguistics.

The minor requires 18 hours of Navajo language courses above the 200 level.  NOTE: Due to the new Common Course Numbering requirements, Navajo Language courses are now found under NAVA and NVJO. 

Required Courses

NAVA 2110 - Intermediate Navajo I (3 credit hours)
NAVA 2120 - Intermediate Navajo II (3 credit hours)
NVJO 311 - Navajo Verb System I (3 credit hours)
NVJO 312 - Navajo Verb System II (3 credit hours)
NVJO 401 - Navajo Linguistics (3 credit hours)
Elective (3 credit hours)

  • Native speakers must take NATV 2315 and NVJO 315 in lieu of NAVA 2110 and NAVA 2120.

Suggested Electives:

NVJO 315 - Advanced Navajo
Ling 331 - Language in Society
Ling 359 - Language & Culture
Ling 401 - Topics: American Indian Languages
Ling 402 - Topics: American Indian Languages
Ling 415 - Native American Languages